Newt's Game Reviews!

ZZT Score: 97 Epic MegaGames Quite simply, the best game ever made.
Heroes of Might and Magic II Score:95 New World Computing An awesome blend of RPG and stategy.
Command & Conquer: RED ALERT Score: 95 Westwood Studios One of the best war games out there.
The Incredible Machine 3 Score: 94 Sierra An awesome puzzle-solving game.
Return to Zork Score: 90 Infocom\Activision Intiguing, fun adventure
Robert E. Lee: Civil War General Score: 84 Sierra Great historical fun
The Rise and Rule of Ancient Empires Score: 83 Sierra For the patient strategist
Megaman X Score: 89 Capcom Classic console action. Fun
Mega Zeux Score:94 Alexis Janson A scrolling, customizable ZZT.
Lords of the Realm II Score: 90 Sierra Fun. Like other Sierra strategy, takes forever. Hard 2 learn.
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